Friday, May 19, 2006

I thought it was funny...

Two pieces of string are walking down the street when they pass a bar and decide to pop in for a quick nightcap. As they approach the door they notice a sign declaring “No pieces of string allowed!” The first piece says, “I’m going to give it a try anyway” and walks in and hops up on a barstool. The bartender comes over, looks down at him and asks “Are you a piece of string?” He replies “Yes” and the bartender picks him up and throws him back out the door. Lying on the sidewalk next to his friend he sighs, “Well that’s it; I’m going home”.

The second piece of string winks at his buddy and says, “Watch this”. He then ties himself up and rolls around on the ground until his ends unravel a bit. Grinning at the first piece of string, he walks into the bar and sits on a stool. The bartender comes over, looks down and asks, “Are you a piece of string?” Our scruffy fellow looks up and replies, “No, I’m a frayed knot”.


At 5/19/2006 11:44 AM , Anonymous Brett said...

Always liked that one :)

At 5/19/2006 8:47 PM , Blogger Grace said...

I can't believe that I laughed out loud at that dumb joke!

At 5/20/2006 8:25 AM , Blogger Fr. Michael Reagan said...

Heheh...those are the only kind of jokes we get down here in The Abandoned Mind.

Must be the low oxygen levels...

At 5/23/2006 10:37 AM , Blogger Aaron said...

wait...wait...i got one!

ohhh nevermind.


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