Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The War Between Men and Women.

With apologies to James Thurber, I offer the following information I found on an educational website dealing with biology and human reproduction, with an observation on one of the Great Mysteries of Life often encountered when husbands and wives travel together by car:


1. In order for an ovum to become fertilized, sperm must be present in the female reproductive tract-- more specifically, in a fallopian tube.

2. 150 million to 350 million sperm are deposited just a few inches from the fallopian tubes, in which fertilization can occur.

3. Once sperm are released, they swim through the vagina, cervix, and uterus, and, finally, up the fallopian tubes.

4. Only a single sperm is needed to fertilize an ovum. Fertilization occurs when a sperm and an egg fuse and form a zygote.

QUESTION: Why does it take 150 MILLION to 350 MILLION sperm to fertilize a single ovum?

ANSWER: Because they are all little GUYS and are therefore just too stubborn to stop and ask for directions.

You see ladies, it is not our fault. It's nature, programmed into us from the beginning...


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